Welcoming Graduate Studies


I don’t feel like a graduate student.

It is that particular thought that has been clouding my mind all day long, as tomorrow is my first official day of classes, and I already have to think of a topic for my thesis. Yikes.

I am supposed to be reading about 8 articles about healthcare innovation and quality- a topic which I love so much, and is the entire reason I am here. So in principle, it doesn’t feel like I’m studying, as much as enriching my knowledge, right?

I've read about 3/4s of one- does that count?


I am so underprepared for this…

And to further prove the point that I really don’t feel like a graduate student- and that I am honoring one of my musical idols, Freddie Mercury, very badly on his birthday- this is what I downloaded to keep me company on my reading day.

Sorry Freddie! I'm pretty sure even you had a musical guilty pleasure...

Because old habits die really, really hard- and I was obsessed with these guys growing up!

Guess a part of me most definitely wants to go back to the late 90s instead of sitting here and trying to mentally analyze the advantages of primary health care, and particularly in Bosnia.

But really, who assigns 8 articles for reading even before the term begins?

And plus, even though I know all the songs, they’re all remastered! Advantage!

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