About Beyond

I often find it hard to keep up with what this blog is really all about. But I find it even harder to just give up on it- or worse, start from scratch under a different name.

When I first started Beyond Beirut in the summer of 2011, I was about to go on the biggest adventure yet: graduate school in a small Southern Dutch town called Maastricht.  There, I learned to do things I had never done before. Like cooking, taking trains, and riding a bike. Oh and being a graduate student.  And I tried to blog about my experiences as a way to have everyone updated.

Needless to say, I look back at this period of the blog with regret because I didn’t do enough of it to give me sufficient reflective material.

Then, when I was about six months away from another big adventure, getting married, Beyond Beirut became my platform to express all what was going on in my bride-to-be mind. Topics varied from scouting venues, to picking out furniture, to dealing with salesladies who couldn’t stop commenting on my weight, all while trying to do something different from the Lebanese norm. Every single night, I would hammer away at my keyboard trying to produce posts in the hopes that I wouldn’t end up with regret the way I did post-NL.

And now?

I don’t know what direction Beyond Beirut is going to take in this new incarnation. Maybe I don’t want to find out.  Maybe I shouldn’t even put so much pressure on myself trying to find my perfect theme.

Because while I may no longer be “the girl who is writing about her wedding” or “the girl who is doing her graduate studies abroad,” what I can promise is that you’ll always be able to hear my voice loud and clear, no matter what the subject is.

Contact: If you want to get in touch with me, the blog’s email is beyond.beirut31[at]gmail.com

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