The Unofficial Song for the Netherlands, In My Opinion

The Dutch national anthem Wilhelmus is beautiful, both musically and lyrically, as well as historic. Wikipedia, my always trusted source for last minute research, states it is most probably the oldest national anthem in the world. 

And I’m pretty sure that the Dutch know and sing this with pride and dedication.

Unlike most of the Lebanese who can’t get past the first stanza and chorus. 

But for the sake of this blog, let’s just say they need an unofficial song, which everyone could use on a day to day basis, without beseeching the good name of the anthem.

So, may I please suggest this?

As a person who can’t ride a bike to save her life but just happens to be living in bike country, I couldn’t help but think of the direct association between the song and the situation when I was having my Queen marathon in honor of Freddie Mercury- you know when I wasn’t admitting I was listening to something on the opposite end of the spectrum. 

A fun and upbeat song that keeps saying “bicycle,” what more could one ask for? And how cute would it be to see everyone ringing their bicycle bells along to the tune?

Oh, right, actually learning how to ride one…

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