Ready Or Not

Getting married has clearly given those surrounding me a free pass to invade my privacy. And nothing is more obvious then how I’ve been on bump watch since I tied the knot. A protruding stomach following a heavy meal, a more loose shirt because I feel hot and sticky especially in this weather, and even… More Ready Or Not

Cooking Differently

Last week, Ahmad returned from his parents’ home armed with enough shish barak and vermicelli rice to feed a family of four over a few days. He was also visibly upset. The dish of meat stuffed dumplings cooked in goat yoghurt is one of our favorites but it takes almost forever to get done- much… More Cooking Differently

Stressed Out

My sister calls it the “Monday song,” so it’s become an integral part of my Monday mornings to listen to 21 Pilot’s hit Stressed Out. She’s totally right: it’s catchy, unsophisticated, and I bet that anyone in a certain age group can very much relate to it- especially when they’re preparing for the week ahead. In… More Stressed Out