Let’s Help Brides to Be!


For the past  week or so, I’ve been trying to put together a list of possible photographers/videographers to work with for the wedding. Needless to say, it has not been easy at all because I have to depend on word of mouth and wasting so much time on social media trying to find out if we like the work enough to set up contact.

In fact, finding vendors to work with for the wedding in general has not been a walk in the park at all.

When we started looking for the venue, we depended on two sources: the Internet and flyers we had gotten from the annual wedding fair. The flyers which weren’t much to speak about were quickly discarded and we went online.

But the internet? That was a disaster. There are barely any websites available that are some sort of directory, and those that I did find haven’t been updated in years. So we had to go through every location’s Facebook page to gather the information we needed. It’s safe to say then that we spent more time behind our screens than scouting venues.


The same also happened when it came to find a wedding dress. And a florist. And now a photographer. And I’m sure it could’ve happened with the catering, the light, and sound if those weren’t provided in our package.

So, since we’re all about weddings in this country and spend so much time talking about them and breaking apart every tiny element, why don’t we do something to help brides to be?

Here I take inspiration from The Knot and Wedding Wire. Let’s all come together and set up a directory for all sorts of wedding venues and have people review them and add their own photographs, much like we do with Trip Advisor.

You would not believe how many people just don’t know where to start with their planning. And many like me, will turn to foreign websites and magazines yet that will be super inconsistent with our own traditions and approaches to wedding planning. Like I highly doubt the Knot has any idea about what to do for a Katb Kteb ceremony and yet that’s next on my list.

Plus, maybe that will help in creating a community and leading to changing in the way things are currently done.

I know I cannot be the only person who has shunned a huge event and lavish decoration for something more intimate and simple.

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  1. lucydanvers says:

    Really good post and thoughts.

    1. TK says:

      Thanks for reading Lucy!

  2. The stress level must be almost unbearable. All I can add is that I’m so glad it’s you and not me doing the organising. In then end though, your efforts will be richly rewarded. More credit to you both for the enormous effort you are putting in.

    1. TK says:

      Your support is invaluable! We cannot thank you enough for reading and for your wonderful advice. I think I’m managing well with the stress, but as the days get closer and the tasks keep popping up, I get those days of panic.

  3. Hey! If you need a designer (not just for invitations), let me know!

    1. TK says:

      Thanks Farrah, I’ll keep you in mind 🙂

  4. Gabi says:

    Do not-lavish weddings exist in Lebanon?

    1. TK says:

      Well, they exist, but they’re not always discussed because everyone seems to want to go for the bigger and better and more lavish and what will become trending and shared on Instagram and liked by a gazillion people.

      1. Gabi says:

        That was my impression too

  5. Rachael Sneddon says:

    Hey! I’ve been reading through your posts for the last hour after stumbling on your blog whilst spending the 100th hour of trying to plan our wedding in Lebanon. I’m so glad to read that you achieved a beautiful wedding in Lebanon that wasn’t overly flashy or to impress other people. My fiance is originally from Lebanon and I’m from Scotland. We are currently planning our wedding from Dubai where we live and so far it’s been rough. These posts are saving my sanity! With such a massive wedding industry, I’m so shocked that there isn’t a website similar to The Knot or Wedding Wire for Lebanon. I think I may have emailed most of the venues in Lebanon so I can certainly help contribute that information so future brides to be don’t have to go through the laborious task of emailing vendors only to be hit with a $15,000 venue rental fee.

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