Here We Go Again

Lately, I have been feeling in a rut, work wise. Maybe it’s because I’m taking a lot of days off so I’m not managing to catch up or maybe it’s because I’ve just gotten too used to the environment and I’m not finding myself challenged by anything.

So I decided to take on a more daunting task: getting certified in my field.

I don’t know why or how I thought this would be a great idea at this particular time in my life but I feel like I have to do something for me. For a change.

Getting certified involves brushing up on a lot of material before getting tested and earning my diploma. So even though I work with a lot of these concepts day in and day out, I still have to do a lot of reading. And by a lot, I mean six volumes worth of information on epidemiology and infection control.

I even brought a pack of highlighters and that just took me back a few years to when I was locked in a shoe-box of a room and working on my thesis. Yay?

But since it’s me and I am at my most productive when I am making music references, I could not let this golden opportunity pass me by:


I think Fleetwood Mac would be proud that I’m more focused on their song lyrics rather than the material.

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