Big Books Don’t Scare Me

I may have spent the better part of the two months complaining about how much reading I had to do for my classes, how I’d rather be cleaning- an activity I normally detest- than sitting in front of my computer taking down notes on economics and innovation.

Yet, a day after the first period ended, I headed out to shop, and ended up taking a detour into the Slexzy Dominicanen (more about that later), leaving with these:

Big books indeed

Amounting to 1,626 pages, those two books are a little gift I got myself for finishing the first period without having any major breakdowns or self-doubt moments.

Wait, did I actually say that? Especially when there was an HTA project in the midst of this all?

Being an avid reader of fiction for almost my entire life, the tradition of rewarding myself with books began at one point in high school, and I haven’t been able to shake it off since then.

Never mind the fact that I’m not reading as much as I used to, a book, especially when it has so many story lines, characters, and developments never ceases to make me happy- especially on gloomy sunshine-less days like those that we’re getting more often here.

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