I Finally Asked for Help

I’ve known for a while that I’ve gained weight- and in the process lost some of my confidence, undid the hard work I put in at the gym for the past three years, and the ability to wear some of the items in my closet. I even wrote a full post about it when the realization…

Down The Aisle

When we first met with our DJ, we spent 10 minutes going over our likes and dislikes for the playlist, and the rest of the hour trying to determine what we would do for the grand entrance portion of the evening. You see, we had long since decided the traditional zaffe or any offshoot of…

The Infinity Dreams Award

I have to say, this is pretty cool. I’ve only been blogging (again) for about two and half months as a way to document my experiences and to take a break from everything that’s going on and focus on my happiness. I never expected that a lot of people, old friends and new, would read the blog…

My 20 Year Old Self Amuses Me

Remember about a couple of years ago when it was all the rage to write lists about yourself and post them to Facebook/ your blog/ Myspace/ any other form of social media?

Digging through the interwebs this morning, I found this list that I had written around the time I turned 20. I don’t know what compelled me to write some of the stuff I did, I guess my priorities and what I viewed important at the time are different from this moment in time.

So I thought it would be fun to re-post this here with my present-day commentary since a lot has changed since then.