Prague: A Summary

For our very first wedding anniversary, Ahmad and I decided to celebrate in the only way we know how: travel. We had been doubtful it would work out because we had spent quite a lot to go to Sri Lanka earlier in the year, but our doubts were set aside when Czech Airlines’ billboards started popping up around Beirut. A direct flight to Prague that wouldn’t break the bank and allow for a quick getaway?

Let’s just say we considered it a sign, booked our tickets, and went through the standard Schengen application process. I couldn’t have been more excited to go, as I had seen  plenty of pictures and read up quite a lot about the capital of the Czech Republic.

And yet, if you ask me now to describe where we went and what we saw, I can’t give you details.

The whole trip felt like one long dream to me. And it still does. Maybe that’s why I didn’t even see the pictures until we had been back in Beirut for at least two months.


Prague, as I’m sure many people will agree, is charming. I immediately fell for the red roofs, cobbled streets, and unique architecture, as I’m sure many visitors before me have.

Even as I think about it now, I remember traversing the old streets hand-in-hand with Ahmad, taking in all the sights, and just being away from the pressures of daily life. All I could think about then and there was being with the one I love, taking in the city of a thousand spires, fearing if I didn’t look at everything, that something would be missed.


During the four days we spent there, we made sure that no moment was wasted.

Of course, we did the typical touristy things: a walking tour of the Old Town, a visit to Prague Castle, a climb up Petrin Hill to take in the views, a photograph with the Astronomical Clock. All while the city was being invaded by attendees of some Herbalife conference/retreat.


We consumed some of the best (and cheapest) food I have had in a very long time. From the traditional goulash with dumplings to a unique burger with Brie, my stomach was pleased throughout. Sure, we didn’t find Nagrilu thanks to the bad directions our hotel receptionist gave us, but now that I’ve found out it has permanently closed, I don’t care so much.


In Prague, I finally got to check off an item from my bucket list: watch an opera! This is an experience I am so fond of that it requires its own post- one where I hopefully forget to tell you that I was falling asleep towards the end.

And the day of our actual wedding anniversary? Well, it couldn’t have been better even if we had planned it ahead.

After spending a good part of the afternoon touring Prague Castle, we decided to walk back to our hotel just as the sun was setting. And where did we happen to be just as that was happening? Charles Bridge, possibly the most romantic (and crowded) spot in the whole of Prague.


We kissed, we walked hand-in-hand- reflecting on how wonderful it felt to be together, to be in love, to have been married for a full year.

A reflection that continued over a wonderful dinner I am not likely to forget anytime soon, much like the rest of the trip- and not because it featured great views of the bridge or the castle.

But because Ahmad was there.


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