Ahmad the Influential

We went to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story last night. As is usually the case whenever we go to watch action or sci-fi films, I was the only woman in our group. But I was just as excited as any one of them. I mean, it’s Star Wars- how could you not be excited?

Unlike the guys, however, my history with Star Wars does not go all the way back to my childhood or adolescence- though I do have a vague recollection of watching Episode I when I was about 11 and I am familiar with the characters and storylines thanks to pop culture. I only became a fan of the franchise after watching The Force Awakens just last year.

And I owe my newfound interest in the galaxy far, far away thanks to one person- this guy:



It’s only normal that when you spend so much time with one person you begin to take interest in their interests and even adopt some of their mannerisms and vernacular.  It’s not, as some may assume, two people blending into a single person or wanting to impress your partner by feigning interest in what they like.

Star Wars is just one of many, many things that I enjoy because Ahmad got me into it. If you asked me four years ago, I wouldn’t have loudly voiced my enthusiasm for board games and superhero films as I do now. But now? I find myself trying to learn as much as possible about any subject we both like then sharing it with him and having great conversations.

Here are several other things ways I am a changed person because of my husband.

I try new food:

Would you believe that prior to some of our dates, I had never ordered a steak in a restaurant? Clearly, I had no idea what I was missing out on- especially that a steak dinner has become a staple in our celebrations or when in need of something comforting. I was also averse to trying different cuisines and flavors because they weren’t things that my mother would normally incorporate into her daily meals or wouldn’t appear on menus of restaurants I frequented.

Veal substitutes for beef for our wedding anniversary dinner

But since so much of our relationship has revolved around sharing meals and trying new things, I learned not to overthink what and how I eat and just enjoy how flavors come together, how simple ingredients can make a spectacular dish. It’s a principle I like to incorporate in my home cooking- and it also manifests itself in having different themed nights.

I now have an expansive sneaker collection:

I clearly remember this: On a family trip to Malaysia several years ago, I was the most enthusiastic about purchasing my very first pair of original Nike sneakers for school. That very same pair would go on to last for a couple of years- and not once during their life span did I consider needing another pair.

Fast forward to today and my sneaker collection (almost) rivals that of Ahmad’s. I’ve got a pair for the gym, a pair for work, a pair for running, three pairs of the same shoe model (Adidas ZX Flux- just the mere fact that I know what kind they are is a testament to Ahmad’s influence) for everyday, and a special pair that Ahmad gifted me for Valentines’ Day. Yes, I got sneakers for Valentines’ Day. Yes, I absolutely loved it!


My “Fluxies” as I affectionately call them

And at the rate things are going, this collection only seems to be growing.

I started running:

Even though I like to claim this was my idea, Ahmad had been trying to persuade me to give running a try for at least a year before I actually laced up my sneakers and ran for the first time with NRC. He would suggest the idea as we passed by a Nike store or saw people running along the Corniche. And every single time, I would just nod and curtly reply, “I’m not a runner.”

I’m glad to be proven wrong.

My idea of entertainment has changed:

While Game of Thrones is still labelled as “not my thing,” I do have the husband to thank for introducing me to the amazingness that is Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, and Seinfeld (the few episodes I’ve seen so far). Otherwise, I would probably still be watching crappy episodes of The Big Bang Theory or rehashing old favorites like Full House and Boy Meets World. Or Jeopardy. I love Jeopardy.


And as I wrote above, I went from having a vague idea about comic books and Sci-Fi films to rushing to the internet after watching a film to read all about the history behind them and find out about all the featured Easter eggs.

Musically, my library has expanded to include bands that would never be featured on the mainstream radio stations that I (still) enjoy. I even gained a greater appreciation for favorites from the 70s and 80s by delving further into their catalogs- then proceeding to sing whatever I like at the top of my lungs to the delight of my poor husband.

But he hasn’t succeeded at getting me to stop changing the song whenever a metal track comes on. This is going to take some time, A LOT of it.

I am more patient and a lot calmer

My mom often likes to describe my temper as very similar to shaking a bottle of soda, opening it, and having all the fizz explode all over. And it’s true: I’m quick to react, especially when I’m upset. I also tend to voice my opinion loudly and a history of making really stupid impulsive decisions.

Ahmad is the opposite of that. I have rarely seem him lose his temper even when I felt something merited getting upset over- which has sometimes led me to lose my temper even further. He’s calm even in the face of unpleasant situations when I am probably running a million scenarios in my head: all of which end badly.

Here we have no idea that we were going to have to walk down Petrin Hill because the ticket machine ate up our Czech coins

Since we tied the knot, I’ve realized that some of his calmness and patience have been shared with me.

While I am nowhere near his level, I realize now that those qualities are not bad ones to have. At all.



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  1. serene says:

    i want to see what u will think once u will have kids with no lebanese id what u will write,i hope by the time u have kids a miracle will happen and u will be able to give your husband and kids the lebanese nationality,inshallah

    1. TK says:

      Serene, that’s kind of you to say. I keep my fingers crossed that it will happen- but if it doesn’t, we will continue to fight the good fight!

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