This is Getting Ridiculous

I promised myself I wouldn’t talk about weddings after I posted the quick summary video of our wedding a few months ago. There’s no need to dwell on the past after all. 

I even unfollowed all the accounts that I used to look at for inspiration because I don’t need them anymore. Time to make space for all those food posts! 

But despite that, weddings seem to follow me. Now that it’s summer, the season is in full swing and not a weekend goes by without at least three events happening.

And when I look at these pictures, all I can think of is that all these weddings are all style and no substance. 

They’re not even original anymore despite all the efforts of the couple to stand out.

 But explain to me how can you stand out if just like everyone else, you’re wearing a gigantic designer gown that is heavier than what you weigh. And your jewelry can feed a poor family for at least a month.

Or your wedding requires you to completely overhaul one of three popular wedding venues in the country so you can achieve your dream theme (which sometimes makes no sense for a wedding. Side note: why have a theme in the first place? Just some cohesive colors and move on!)

Or the cake is a couple of tiers too high to be believable or edible. 
And here’s what gets me every time: the amount of invitees! We were once invited to such a wedding and we barely saw the couple because they had to individually greet every one of their 500 or so guests. In contrast, we got to spend more than a fleeting moment with our invitees because we only had 100 there.

If you have to go to such lengths and such expenses to prove you’re in love, then I have to tell you that you have the concept all jumbled up in your head. 

When you are organizing events on such a scale, it is no longer a wedding. It is a display for social media and magazines. It becomes, as my lovely husband put it, an awards show. Or bettet yet, a sponsoring platform. I’m sure many of you agree, the Oscars pale in comparison to some of the weddings held here. 

And here’s one additional thing all these weddings have in common: the bride and groom always seem uneasy, their smiles semi-forced- like they’re waiting for all of that to be over, so the sights are no longer on them.

And that, quite honestly, is just ridiculous on what’s supposed to be the happiest and most fun night of the couple’s journey.

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  1. Rebel says:

    Wedding are overrated and waste of magnificent amount of resources (time, effort, and money) which can be used for more constructive needs as opposed to over-killing materialistic concerns.
    If I’ll ever have a wedding it’ll be on a beach, with shorts, flip-flops and close friends and family. I might compromise for red wine and chocolates.

    1. TK says:

      I totally agree with you. I didn’t want to have one in the first place but relented for the sake of family and friends. We made it what we wanted without breaking the budget (using the money to get our house in tip top shape and have a kickass honeymoon).
      Unfortunately not everyone has this idea and wants to do it all for show.

  2. Lynn says:

    I totally agree! It’s so sad, especially that a lot of couples take out loans or have their parents spend an outrageous amount of money to make the wedding a reality. I’m looking forward to my own, and I’m not a hater of weddings, but it will definitely be super simple and intimate, and I won’t even have to care about comments because only the people closest to us will be there

    1. TK says:

      Hey Lynn! I was actually going to include how people take out loans and go beyond their means to have a wedding that can measure up to what everyone else is doing.

      But really a simple, fun, and small wedding can be done. We did it and our friends and family had a great time and still talk about to this day! And not a single bad comment.

      I’m sure yours will be fantastic when the time comes 😀

  3. That’s the reason we cancelled all wedding preparations, forgot all those themes we imagined and guests we wanted to invite. We took a ticket to Moscow (I’m originally from there) and did civil marriage. That was an inner happiness to be honest!

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