A Few Words About My Husband


I couldn’t focus on work today so I found myself reading some old posts on this very blog- posts from around the time our wedding planning had hit its stride and our marriage was getting closer and closer. 

I’m really glad that I wrote all of those thoughts and experiences down, as now and almost a year later, I have great material to reflect upon.

Mainly how much my fears about getting married were unfounded almost instantly. 

I didn’t lose my identy. I didn’t settle into roles and habits that I didn’t feel comfortable with. I didn’t become boring. 

In fact, marriage has been a lot better than I expected. To a point that I still look at everything with that same awe I did in the first month. 

And I owe much of that to Ahmad and his love.

A friend of mine asked me today what we normally do after work. My answer wasn’t anything special, since we’re the low key, homely type. We usually don’t plan things on weekdays in favor of just being with one another, at home, probably watching tv.

Who knew watching tv could be so much fun? But Ahmad makes it as such. We’re always coming up with inside jokes to reflect the content in those shows- so even a drama ends up feeling like a comedy. He even makes watching Masterchef comparable to watching the world cup final.

Even tedious chores become fun when Ahmad is around. He has his way of just turning things around in just a few words. Or through one of his world class hugs that instanly makes me feel better.

 I honestly don’t know how he can always keep such a positive outlook on things when he has his own issues and work pressures to deal with. But he pushes on, never losing his calm- and that inspires me more than anything to set aside what I have going in my head. 

He’s also been the driving force in me starting to pay more attention to my own hobbies and interests. I had only heard stories of the opposite, but I in fact find myself with more time to pursue what I want. We both believe that it can only enrich our conversations on the couch, by the tv, at the end of the workday.

Our house is a home because he is always thinking of ways to make things better for us: new places to try, new countries to visit, new recipes to cook, new adventures to take on. New ways to make us happier and stronger as a couple. 

I don’t think I’ve ever been more in love.

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