Stressed Out


My sister calls it the “Monday song,” so it’s become an integral part of my Monday mornings to listen to 21 Pilot’s hit Stressed Out. She’s totally right: it’s catchy, unsophisticated, and I bet that anyone in a certain age group can very much relate to it- especially when they’re preparing for the week ahead.

In fact, I don’t know why it took me so long to feature it on this blog when it perfectly echoes my sentiments on growing up and being so utterly confused about the whole process.

It’s not that I want to go back to the childhood days, as the song suggests. But we do all long for the innocence of being younger and not having to worry about many things we would later find out we have no control over.

I especially long for the days when I didn’t have to wonder where my place in the world is- and how/if I’m contributing to it.

Insecurity, which is a central theme in the song, is not the greatest feeling in the world and yet it creeps up on us when we least need it, making us believe that we’re not doing enough or we’re not measuring up to the rest of our co-workers or surrounding. I know I experience it frequently at work.

So when it comes to the songs that are being played on the radio right now, there’s no other track that resonates quite as much as this one does. I really admire 21 Pilots for saying what’s on all of our minds. This one’s a song for a generation.

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  1. An interesting take on Mondays.

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