The Wedding Photographer Saga


Dwelling on the past is not something I enjoy doing- and in that vein, I decided to stop talking about the wedding and leave it at as the happy memory it should be. I refuse to be the kind of person who constantly uploads pictures or wants to remain in bride-mode indefinitely. I feel that the time is better spent on other things.

But I seemingly keep getting pulled back in the direction of the wedding, no matter how much I try to avoid it.

And that’s because the very last vendor we have to work with, the photographer, refuses to uphold the professionalism he promised us and has yet to deliver our wedding video.

We’re fast approaching the first anniversary since tying the knot, yet we don’t have any of the footage that the professionals shot for reasons beyond my comprehension.

I never expected we would have the video within one month, but after waiting this long, you can only wonder if they just put us on the backburner until we started seriously questioning what was going on.


At first I was understanding. We married at the end of the wedding season, so other couples were more of a priority than us. I also didn’t want to rush the process lest we end up with a less than stellar end result. Then Christmas came around and our photographer went on holiday. What we didn’t know at the time was that this would be a perpetual one, with no work on our video being done at all since.

I wish this is the first of the obstacles we have faced with this studio- but it really isn’t. It took about two and a half months to get our photos back, and when they did, they were unedited and untouched, eliminating the justification that it had taken so long because they were working on them. Really, all the did was just hit copy/paste onto the hard drive that we brought along. By that time, I had gotten so weary of looking at the wedding pictures (those that were taken and shared by our attendees) that when the real deal came in, I only saw the negative aspects.

Also, we got back the printed versions only this very weekend. And again, they were unedited, though we were promised some work would be done to decrease the shadows in some pictures.

I don’t think getting a higher-end photographer would have gotten us a better and more timely service. It just did not make any sense to me at the time to pay over 4000 USD for a photographer when someone else was out there and could do it for much less. Plus, I never thought that professionalism was associated with how much you pay- and the biggest justification to that is that we worked with so many different vendors on a very limited budget and they all delivered excellently (the caterer comes first to mind). This is something that should be ingrained the mentality of every business owner, as they could stand a lot to lose if they just didn’t deliver. I mean, with this guy, we haven’t even settled the account and yet he’s still giving us this much trouble.

I cannot even begin to recount the many times we’ve gotten in touch with him or visited the studio, only to find out that no progress was being done. The whole family has gotten involved in solving this issue, and we’ve all gotten frustrated beyond words. All because one guy just can’t get around to doing a job he is getting paid for!!!

At this point, I no longer care what the end product is, I just want to see the end of this and move on. If editing the video is such a hassle and he is so understaffed and cannot manage, I’m sure we can just take the raw footage and go elsewhere. After all, at this point, all the excitement of reliving the amazing tiny moments and the fun we had just went away. It just doesn’t matter anymore.

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  1. thesmilingpilgrim says:

    haha awesome photo!

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