Lebanon Versus The Rest of the World

Over the past few days in Sri Lanka, I’ve done things I have never done before: climb 1236 steps to reach an ancient fortress and go on a safari.

I’ve also effectively learned that Lebanese people (of a certain age group) will always compare and contrast things with what we have back home. And then they always conclude that Lebanon is way more beautiful and interesting than anything they see on vacation.

So for example, we came across one massive lake as we were approaching our accomodation for tonight. It was really a sight to marvel at as it emerges out of nowhere in the middle of the jungle. We were astounded by it. Other people in the group? “Meh we have the Qaroun Lake.”


Or when our guide was trying to tell us about how many UNESCO World Heritage Sites Sri Lanka has, someone started loudly wondering about those found in Lebanon, demanding to know what they are. She interrupted the guide and he never came back to the subject- a huge shame since I was really interested in knowing what sites I would be checking off the list during this trip. Instead, I had to sit through people arguing about Lebanon (once again).

Or when someone asked about where the rich people live because they had gotten tired of seeing people living simple, modest lives. I mean Lebanon is way way better because we are all filthy rich and dressed in only the latest in designer clothing and live in vast apartments. Right?

These are the same people that refuse to try any of the local specialties, comment on the traditions and customs without knowing what they signify, have barely any knowledge about what they have come to see and refuse to learn more. They also make silly comments like “the guide speaks English like a Sri Lankan.”

What does that even mean?!

So this makes me question why some people chose to travel. Is this some kind of ego boost so you feel like we are doing a better job than elsewhere?

Because we are not. Sri Lanka is covered in greenery, there is no trash on the roads, and their highways are pristine.

Still we make fun of them and refuse to see that our country is way past the glory days- so we should stop bringing it up in every single conversation and enjoy what this new place has to offer. It might just surprise you.

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  1. finkelstein says:

    Don’t judge your travel companions too hard, it’s a universal thing group travelers do. Maybe traveling is a affirmation life back home is good. After which they return to complain about home and how beautiful the country they traveled too was…

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