When A Group of Strangers Travels Together

In the lead up to our trip to Sri Lanka, I had been telling Ahmad that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad that we would be travelling as part of a group, doing everything together for the next few days. If anything, I hoped it would lead to new friendships (as I am always looking to meet new people).

My expectations were proven wrong the moment we all met up in Beirut and continued to be shattered the more time we spent together.

The first disappointing factor was that there was no one in our age group doing what is supposed to be a very tiring excursion around the island of Sri Lanka. With an average age of 55, I wonder how they will get around to climbing 1200 steps or going on a safari. But all the power to them for choosing to go on an adventure despite that.

We basically have nothing in common with these people since the age difference is so vast. I was scouring throughout our transit in Doha for some internet to update my family on how the flight went, while everyone else was sitting around nibbling of mixed nuts (ma5louta) in the airport lounge, like it was some sort of evenining hang out. The topics discussed were nothing Ahmad or I would ever be talking about.

It was also my fault for expecting that people travel because like us, they want to learn more about the world and explore different cultures. This is why, like I explained in a previous post, I like to do my research and get the most out of my trip.


I discovered, however, that our companions just want to carry around selfie sticks the whole time to capture their outfits of the day rather than the beauty of the city, taking poses and pointing things out that are completely irrelevant to the whole trip. And when they weren’t, they were asking the guide the silliest of questions that were either previously answered and widely available. I won’t even comment on how one lady (of course overly dressed up for the occasion) was shooting videos of herself with her friend whenever we left the bus, only to go back and watch them just moments later.

Someone please explain this to me.

And I mean, with such a detailed program, you cannot expect it to be all about leisure and lying by the pool. So you shouldnt be loudly complaining when the guide asks you to wake up the next day at 6.30 am because we have to drive a long way to get to the next city. The rest of us aren’t happy about this either but you don’t hear us complaining. We signed up for it!!!

I guess being in a job that constantly requires me to point out deficiencies and breaches, I can no longer stay silent. I don’t sit around hoping and praying that the problem goes away.

So contrary to how we came into this trip, we made it loud and clear that we are not interested in having conversations with anyone else (apart from asking them to take a picture of us). I may seem snobby and off putting but we worked hard for this vacation and we deserve for parts of it to go the way we plan.

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  1. It’s always fun to travel with strangers. šŸ™‚

  2. Shaz says:

    Hope you enjoy your stay in my land.Have fun,Cheers!!

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