Hello Sri Lanka

Flying for long periods of time or for long distances isn’t usually a favorite activity of mine. But exceptions must be made, especially if the intent of the trip is to discover someplace magical and interesting as Sri Lanka.

Ahmad and I had been thinking about it for quite some time- even as we were planning our honeymoon. So when we found a great package deal as part of a group trip with a reputable travel agency, we were already packing our bags.

Now, what is it about traveling that just brings out the energy in you? At the time of writing this post, I have barely slept for 3 hours in the past day and yet I’ve made it through two flights, spent some considerable time by the hotel pool, rested and refreshened, then went to do a city tour of Colombo. We wrapped it off by wandering around the neighborhood where our hotel is located and bought the customary trinkets. And there’s still dinner to go.


On any another day, I would be in the pissiest mood you can ever imagine. Yet, here I am laughing and smiling.

I guess that is part of the charm of this country. You cannot help but fall for it or keep yourself awake to see everything it has to offer. The attractions are interesting, the history is rich, and the people are very friendly.

I cannot wait to see more of it as the trip unfolds.

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