The Road to Abdelli


Getting to Abdelli seemed easy enough- according to the tiny piece of paper Ahmad had printed out and handed to me to use for navigation as we made our way to the North. It did not, however, convey just how many unpaved twists and turns we would have to take to get to what I have called the middle of nowhere.

The road to Batroun, and the Madfoun checkpoint, was all too-familiar to us, as we visited many, many times before. It was after we got the clearance that things started getting a little bit more interesting, and relying on the map or Google maps for that matter started seeming a little bit pointless.

We kept going upwards, passing homes, passing churches, passing restaurants by the sides of the streets. And as we kept going up, the sun set, concealing our vision. It was only the next day when we decided to explore Batroun, that I truly got an idea of what we had put ourselves through.

On our way back on that day, I used Ahmad’s phone and its time-lapse option to record the journey from the sign pointing to the village until we got to our lodging. It’s truly a dizzying but enjoyable trip. The scenery was great!


Side note: I regret not taking this in landscape!


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