Birthday Traditions New and Old

I love writing those little posts about Ahmad. I love seeing the smile on his face as he sits besides me and reads whatever I wrote.

I’ve never really considered myself a romantic person but ever since I started this blog, it has been my way of documenting our relationship. I enjoy writing about our milestones and memories.

One such milestone is him getting me to like my birthday- one that I never really enjoyed. But this will be our third one together (and our first as married), and each one has been special in its own way. But there have been some common points:

We always have a dinner with our friends- I usually provide the guest list but Ahmad picks the place and makes the arrangements.

And I always guess the resturant ahead of time, upsetting Ahmad who likes to keep it as a surprise.

He always surprises me with a gift I would never have seen coming- which makes up for me figuring out the dinner place.

Oh and the cake is adorably cute, with the taste being delicious.

We share a cute moment in the car, usually set to whatever Light FM has on.

This year we are also hoping to introduce new traditions to how we celebrate birthdays. I’m looking forward to what he has in mind.

All it takes is just one person.



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