Nothing Left- Kygo ft. Will Heard

If I had to name one artist who impressed me in 2015, I would pick Kygo. The Norwegian DJ, who is only 24, has had quite the year with all of his songs becoming instantly recognizable.

What sets him apart from other DJs taking over the airwaves is his tropical house style. You can put on his tracks, close your eyes, and imagine yourself on some getaway. Well, at least that’s what I do anyway.

I was surprised to know, that despite all of his success, he doesn’t have an album yet. So I hope that’s coming soon- I would love to see what he does next.

Firestone, released early in 2015, was such a favorite of mine that I included it onto our wedding mix CD (which was our wedding favor). Now, Nothing Left  is taking that place, and for good reason. The lyrics are sadder, but the vocals are powerful and the message is clear. And the melody is on point. If you haven’t heard it yet, here it goes:


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