I Despise Shopping


When the sales start, I usually find myself heading to the nearest mall to pick out whatever is missing from my closet. Despite the fact that I try to update my wardrobe frequently, I always find myself needing things for work. So any chance of saving some money and getting more things is always welcome.

Of course, I’ve never been one to enjoy shopping: I don’t think I’ve ever hit the shops just because.

Except that one time in Malta when I went shopping crazy.

This means that I find myself going out dreading the whole exercise. And for good reasons:

  • I can never find my size.
  • Every single season, the pants seem to shrink and/or get tighter. I could swear the the label says my size, but by looking at the item, it seems like it can’t fit in a 12 year old child. I thought we were over the skinny trend?
  • Ditto for dresses. Especially those that love highlighting the mid-section. As if I needed more people asking me if I am pregnant.
  • And it’s winter! Why are we still selling crop tops and capri pants?
  • Also shoes. It’s either some contraption no woman in her right mind can walk in or the season’s latest ugly trend. No thanks, I’ll stick to my ZX Fluxes.
  • If I do find something I like but it is just one item in the whole store, I will not put myself through waiting for my turn to try it out. It’s just not worth it.
  • If I do decide to go through the changing room experience, that’s where it gets really bad. Can’t someone do something about the light in there? I mean, if you really want me to buy this item, I should appear to be at my most flattering, not suddenly discover all my imperfections.
  • And why are we still counting how many items I can take into the changing room? Clearly no one respects the set limit of six or seven items.
  • The non-existent lines. Sure I’ve done it at Primark, without a complaint, but here, I cannot bear standing in line, only to have some lady cut in, claiming she was there first!
  • And speaking of sales: taking off 10,000 L.L. from the retail price is not a sale. It’s a thinly disguised attempt of fooling the customers.
  • Doesn’t anyone smile anymore?
  • Why is the person standing in front of me in the line buying clothes worth half a million L.L. ? And why is it taking forever?!
  • I hate myself for having a love-hate relationship with H&M. I should be at a point in my life where I have key pieces in my closet that stand the test of time. Yet, I find myself going back to that store, because where else can I get that disposable feel without any hint of guilt that I’m spending too much money on clothes?
  • I can never get a cohesive outfit from one place.
  • Why can’t this be as simple as buying makeup?
  • All the other girls around me that make this seem so effortless while I’m standing there, trying to make sense of it all.
  • My feet hurt.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. RimaK18 says:

    Hahahaha this made my day! I “attempted” to go shopping on Saturday and everyone of those thoughts crossed my mind! Honestly, sometimes I wish I still had to wear my vomit covered, blood stained nursing uniform just so I don’t have to go through this every time.

    1. TK says:

      That bad, huh? 😛

      Sometimes I wish I could work scrubs at work just because I can never seem to find anything that this both comfortable and fashionable to wear.

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