At The End Of The Work Week


I’m so glad this week is over.

As far as working weeks go, this was one that had me explicitly stating to my manager and my co-worker that I just could not catch up to all the tasks thrown my way. I think my shoes are now worn out just because I’ve gone from one part of our institution many, many times.

I don’t even feel like talking to anyone because I talked so much this past week, explaining concepts, holding demonstrations, and trying to solve problems to the best I could. I love my job- but some days (or some weeks) it can be a lot to handle. I love that I am someone they can depend on but I don’t like the levels of exhaustion that come with the nature of our work.

Studying, again

There was even one day when I came home and took a two and half hour nap, just because I couldn’t take it anymore. In fact, earlier during the day, I caught myself falling asleep with my eyes open in the middle of a meeting. That’s never a good sign.

Like many people my age, one of my ultimate goals is to make something out of myself: to be successful at work and be able to make a difference. Right now, I feel like I’m not even halfway there, despite the fact that I’m handling plenty of responsibilities.

Maybe it’s because I feel that unless it comes from somewhere high up in the food chain, my ideas will not be considered for implementation.

That actually happened this week: our team was working tirelessly on making improvements, yet they were not actually forced until someone else can into the picture.

Maybe that’s the nature of all working environments?

When I first started the job, I was so anxious to advance until I realized that I needed to take my time and learn everything there was to learn. Now that that’s done, this itch is creeping in again- and this time I’m not going to dismiss it despite how even more tired it is going to make me.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that next week will be better.


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