Goodbye 2015

There’s so much to say about what a year 2015 has been- and I could probably spend all night writing about the experiences I’ve been through, what I’ve learned, how I was overall happy with how everything turned out.

But there’s no point in doing all of that right now.

As far as years go, 2015 was fantastic and I am thankful for every minute of it. I am thankful for my parents, my friends (old and new), and the man who is now my husband.

Beirut, on the last day of 2015

I am thankful that I got to travel to one of my most beloved cities in the world, on one of the most special trips of my life.

I am thankful we had the wedding we wanted, without allowing anyone to force us into anything we don’t like. And we had the time of our lives, laughing and dancing the night away.

I am thankful that my voice is now heard and taken seriously at work. I am grateful to be in a job with many opportunities for growth and development.

I am thankful that my little project, this very blog, was considered to be the fourth most influential blog in the county, as well as the fourth most prolific. In the chart, it’s in great company, and for something that is less than a year old, it beat out some pretty big blogs. I have to say it is very exciting and humbling at the same time.

Like I said, I could go on and on and on- but I won’t, because some things are better left unsaid. And I have to go on and be a good hostess.

As the year comes to an end, I would like to wish everyone and their loved ones a fantastic year ahead, full of success, love, and good health. Health especially because we tend to take that for granted.

I hope you’re having (or have had) fun whatever you’re doing, and please don’t drink and drive. Stay safe and Happy New Year!



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