What I Learned About Myself This Year


With the year coming to a close and a new one starting in a few days, I thought that now would be a good time to start writing those reflection posts. It is always a great exercise to see how things went and to take from those experiences and learn: in the hopes of becoming a better person.

This year was definitely one full of learning experiences for me. In 12 months, I got a house together, planned a wedding, adjusted to the married life, found my voice at work, and tried to define what it meant to grow up. This is what I learned about myself through it all.

At the Olympiastadion Berlin during our honeymoon
  1. Writer’s block was just in my head. By following through with my post-once-a-day, I challenged myself to overcome one previous huge obstacle. It taught me to believe in myself and that I can write well enough to entertain people.
  2. I can only do something if I truly set my mind to it. Through the course of the year, I tried to do so many things including learn German and Salsa dancing. After many months of both, I didn’t follow through because I felt like I couldn’t get anywhere with either.
  3. My most dominant personality trait was hands-down assertive. Whether at work or while looking for furniture- and certainly when I was trying on wedding dresses, I was not afraid to voice my opinion- a great step towards improving my confidence.
  4. I tend to create worst-case scenarios in my head which only lead me to panicking. But then I am proved wrong when things go great and I realize I had nothing to worry about.
  5. I keep coming back and forth on how I feel about four issues: my weight, my looks, making friends, and being a wife. They are what I have collectively call the ugly thoughts.
  6. This was the year I finally realized that my small group of friends mean so much more to me than having a larger number of acquaintances. It especially came through when I was in the midst of the wedding planning and felt they were by my side through it all.
  7. I helped in orienting the new employee in our department earlier this year and it showed me that I am a lot more patient than I thought- and that I love explaining things to other people.
  8. I learned to turn a deaf-ear to those that issued nonsense comments or asked nosy questions. Or I occasionally used those as materials for my blog posts
  9. Three years after leaving Maastricht, I still romanticize the time I spent there. I cannot deny that it was a fundamental part of my life, but it was not without its ups and downs
  10. I am capable of loving more than I thought I could. I believe nothing tests a couple quite like the engagement period does and I am happy to say that it only made us stronger- and more excited to be together.

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