Few Words


I can’t really think of a post right now. It’s been one of those days that can best be described as the perfect wrap-up to a holiday: taking in all the relaxation while slowly telling myself that I have to go back to the schedule that I have already established for myself.

Or rather, the skeleton of the schedule.

If I’m going to make one resolution for the new year, it has to be to stick to a schedule: especially when it comes to my well-being. Every time I try to stay on track, some thing comes up and prevents me from going to the gym. I even got a mat and dumbbells to work out at home- but that has been a failure.

I keep telling myself I have to start somewhere- maybe I should go from telling myself to doing something. Well, putting it off one more week isn’t going to hurt.

And I guess, that’s it, that’s my post for today.



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