Olympiastadion Berlin


To write about our visit to the Olympiastadion in Berlin involves writing for hours about how awestruck we were about the whole experience. After all, we got the chance to explore one of the most significant sites in Nazi German history- having been the site of the 1936 Summer Olympics.

The entrance 

It is also where the French and the Italians played the final match of the 2006 World Cup. You might remember this match as the one with the infamous head-butt. I remember watching this game in the living room of our house in Saudi Arabia and just being taken away with the venue.

I never actually thought I would ever get a chance to visit it.

But earlier this year, when we were in Berlin, we made a point to set aside some time to see this place. We took the S-Bahn out to the stadium and spent about half a day there- and we didn’t even seen it all.

No one built massive structures like the Nazis and the stadium is one huge indication of that. It is actually built sunken into the ground and the moment you walk into the gate, you are just struck by the scale.

Instead of talking more about it, I will add some of the pictures we took. I hope this gives you a slight glimpse into the incredible adventure we had there.

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