The Ugly Thoughts In My Head: Dressing Up


I’ve written about this topic so many times, it seems  to me that I’m constantly repeating myself. And yet, it always pops up around the time when I have a rare night out or a major meeting where I’m speaking.

I simply have no sense of style.

And that bothers me, a lot. 

Or rather, I don’t know how to bring together that casual yet professional look that I should be embodying as someone in my mid-twenties. If exhausted graduate student chic was a trend, then I am the trendsetter. Even my hair agrees.

Don’t they say that you must dress for success?

Well, I don’t even know what I’m dressing for anymore.

Right now, I feel lucky to just have something fit right, without showing off parts of my body I want to hide, or even worse, make me come across as too bulky. Can’t they just design something that is meant to be comfortable and nice at the same time? Why must we always have either or? Don’t clothing stores realize some of us have jobs that require us to stand all day?

Short skirts and high heels are not for everyone. They are definitely not for me even for those one-off occasions.

I also need to work on my closet sorting skills.

I’ve found out that no matter what you do in the world of clothing you can’t really get it right. Unless you spend the entire night before staring at your closet, carefully piecing together an outfit. And I just do not have that time. The last thing I want to do is think that I have to get up to work the next day and look the part.

I’ll even throw on a pair of jeans when I can’t even bother, even though I really hate doing that, just to get out of the door in the morning.

I tried introducing some new aspects, like wearing lipstick and necklaces with my plain sweaters and shirts. Does that make any difference? Marginally.

I tried following some well intentioned advice, especially now that I have to not only embody a young professional, but a young married professional. The look turned out closer to 40 than 25. So that plan was quickly aborted.

Let me tell you this, your relationship status should not dictate what you wear.

And the jehez  should not be the central part of your life. I spent so much of last year buying things that are still hanging there with the tag intact, or shoes that have never been broken. All because I just don’t know when or how to wear them!

Right now, I feel that I should have two categories of clothing in my closet: a set that is work-appropriate and another for game nights. But if only I knew what they were.





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  1. I think we should have a cup of coffee soon, you can teach me all about food planning and I will help you out with your closet ❤

    1. TK says:

      Let’s make it happen 🙂 It sounds like a great idea to me!

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