No More Bowls


Now that we have been settled at home for a while, our relatives have started visiting one by one. The grace period is over and it is now time to get all the formal congratulatory visits out of the way. This is a must that every newly married couple goes through.

And everyone is more than welcome to visit. The majority of those get togethers have been fun and interesting- and a great chance to see our extended families. And I get to practice being a hostess even though I still haven’t gotten the routine of serving drinks and cake at the right time or order.

There’s one thing I cannot grasp though: why does everyone come with a present in hand, and better yet, why is said present almost always a bowl or dish of some form? Does it signify something or brings good luck to the couple? Or are people just not creative enough, picking the first obvious thing in sight and bringing it over just because they have to.


Because if that’s the second option, I would rather they not get us anything at all filling my cabinets with useless things I will never use.

Honestly, I’m still failing to understand what I’m supposed to do with the above Bohemian Crystal bowl that matches with nothing in my whole house- and is too valuable to be placed anywhere in the open in the fear of it getting broken.I can’t even use it for candy and chocolate because I already have something that fulfills this purpose. So now I just call it generic gift number 3.

I’ve learned that there’s no way to stop people from getting presents, which is why, and after a lot of debate, we set up a bank account to receive these presents in money we could allocate to items we actually need.

But I guess it was naive of us to expect that everyone would take the “easy” option.  I think maybe some people just want to set themselves apart from the rest, showing that they actually made an effort. Or maybe the idea of just giving money may be uncomfortable to some.

Sure, I get that. I’m just asking for a bit of variety here. Or at lot more of space to actually put these things in.


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