I Know This Much Is True

Thanks to the really cool app that is Anghami, I haven’t downloaded any music in a very long while. In fact, I often find myself listening and re-listening to the playlists they have because they’re really well put-together and tend to play right along with my mood. If you haven’t checked it out yet, do so. After being exposed to Spotify when I was in the Netherlands, it is very cool to have an option for our part of the world.

Now, I am un-apologetically a fan of the 80s and the music from that decade is always playing around in our house. And lately, one of my favorite songs, one that I have re-discovered because of Anghami’s 80s-themed playlist is Spandau Ballet’s True.

We all know the song, or at least its famous chorus and melody, as well as the saxophone solo- but there’s so much more to it, especially the way their lead vocalist delivers the lines. Or how he croons the main verse of the song as it is ending. Or how the piano cuts in. In fact, I just learned researching this post, that my ultimate boyband favorite, the Backstreet Boys, used that piano part in their hit I Want It That Way. Seriously, I never noticed till just now. Go to around 4:20 in the video and you’ll hear it straight away. Warning: the video is utterly cheesy, exactly what you would expect from a ballad made in 1983.


This is a great song to share, especially when you’re feeling a bit down, and a lot of sick. I choose to focus on the things that make me happy, and I know that this much is true.

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