Happy Days


I love a house full of photographs. Often when I am visiting someone, my eyes will wander around the room to look at what they have on display, what moments they cherish so much that they would want to look at them every single day and have others see them as well.

When decorating this place, I went quite overboard with picking out photoframes. And that was way before we printed out over a hundred of our selfies and whatnot. But my favorite ones were gifted to us by my aunt and uncle after we got engaged- three mirror like frames.

It seemed they were thinking the same way as I was: one for each of the big days of our relationship: engagement, katb kteb, and the wedding itself. What better moments to show off for than those that signify us as an official couple and where we were most happy and more and more in love?


These frames now sit on the top of our dining room sideboard and are one of the first things people will see when they walk into our home. Side note: I seem to have applied the rule of three when decorating this apartment, everything hanging comes in three parts.

But of course like pretty much everything, printing these photos took way too long and I spent so many days sitting in the dining room, looking at the cardboard backing and laughing. It couldn’t be further from the happy moments I want to celebrate.

Now that they’re here, I can’t help but always glance over my shoulder and look, thinking of how far we have come.


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