Plenty of Fun


The greatest compliment we’ve gotten about our wedding is that it was a lot of fun. And that means the world to Ahmad and I, because that’s exactly what we aimed for. We didn’t want the fanciest decorations or the most expensive arrangements. We don’t care if our wedding isn’t considered the wedding of the year or if it doesn’t inspire brides-to-be to follow in our footsteps.

We just wanted people to come, see other people they know and catch up, dance, and be happy for us. And definitely enjoy a great meal (which was the second best compliment we received).

I will never forget dancing with my husband, with my friends, with his friends, with the cousins I don’t get to see very often, with my parents.

I look at the pictures and I see how I really didn’t hold back on the moves, how I didn’t mind for once that I have no sense of rhythm (even though rhythm is a dancer, no?). And even though I may have not been completely pleased that the DJ ignored most of my recommendations (He did not play a single Backstreet Boys song and they are my favorite) and played a lot more Arabic than I would have liked, I forgot about that in a few days. Because he knew what would make the guests enjoy their time and leave their seats.

I never thought I would like being in the middle, people huddled around me as the music played, but I ended up enjoying it because it gave me a chance to see the looks on everyone’s faces, how everyone else was doing- and they were all having a great time. I loved seeing people who were complete strangers days ago become the best of friends because our wedding brought them together.


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