The Week in Meals


I’m hoping to start a new feature on the blog that I’m going to try out here. And this one hits close to home and to what I’m finding myself loving the more I spend time in the kitchen: cooking!

You see, our kitchen includes a blackboard and I have been using it to plan out our meals and schedule.


Not only is it a decorative touch, it makes my life so much easier, eliminating the guessing games every morning as we are leaving to work. And it also eliminates rushing home and trying to get all the ingredients together and getting a meal ready in under half an hour.

They told me it would be hard to manage as a working woman and that’s true: I don’t always get the chance to execute the more technical or healthier options I have in mind. So those are left for the weekend. But when I do manage, I end up surprising myself, like making a delicious seafood risotto that ended up in our work lunchboxes for two days.

Of course, not everything is set in stone and changes and cheating are bound to happen. The first week I did this I got so excited about making my favorite rice dish kabse. But then I had a really bad day at work and got stuck in traffic so we just ended up getting pizza- and the whole board got reshuffled. Some things even got pushed to the week after. There are also gaps where (and as much as I don’t like to ask for help) my mother will invite us over or send food. When those happen, they are my break days.

I’m still working on ironing the kinks with this menu system. But one positive aspect is that we are eating out a lot lot less than when we were dating and engaged. And what we spend on groceries is still less than what it takes to go out on dates.

Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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