While getting the house together, I was most excited about having people over: hosting fun gatherings and sharing food. So I was pretty ecstatic to plan my first brunch, spending almost a week researching recipes and putting things together.

I have to say that even though I had faith in myself that I could pull it off, I did end up surprising myself by how it all came together. Because while everything was still in the kitchen, it looked like it would be a disaster.

For a start, I learned how to make a quiche just for the occasion, which anyone will tell you is quite difficult. Mine had a filling of roasted tomatoes, basil, and goat cheese. It gave me such a hard time with the crust though! Now I know how to roll it properly and what pan to use.


But it wasn’t challenging enough, the menu also included halloum and tomato skewers, scrambled eggs and sausages, toast and an assortment of cheeses and jams, and a chocolate caramel tart. My friend also brought along some crossiants. Side note: there is no way I would ever make crossiants myself!

My first hostess gig also taught me a lot on when to start plating, how to set up the table, how to be more attentive to my guests and make sure everyone has a great time. These are things they do not teach you in school or even as you are growing up, you just have to hope for the best and give it a shot.

It might end up teaching you more than you ever thought. Like how to not underestimate yourself because you can really do it.

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