Settlers of Catan


I love learning new things- and it seems that recently that focus has been on board games. I should be studying to get certifed, but instead most of my time is being spent on learning different games and strategies.

Tonight, we are in the midst of playing rounds of Settlers of Catan. I have never ever used the words sheep, ore, clay, wheat, and wood as much as I am right now. In fact, I particularly hate sheep right now because that’s all that I’m seemingly getting- and being made fun of for my luck.


Getting to 10 points through a combination of building settlments and cities has never been harder. It is a mix of strategy and making deals (it doesn’t go hand in hand with writing a blog post).

Like I said previously, at a certain age, we tend to forget how enjoyable board games are. But at the rate things are going, I better stock up on them because they are such a great change of pace and a great way to bring people together.

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  1. finkelstein says:

    Did you bring this game from your days in Maastricht or is the game available there too?

    1. TK says:

      It is available here. I didn’t even know it existed until a couple of months ago! Actually one of our friends is the owner of the actual game and he brings it over whenever we have a gathering. We offer them a place to hang out and snacks 🙂

      1. finkelstein says:

        That’s a great way to spend an evening together!

        1. Michel Açaf says:

          Hey there. I see Catan has already reached you guys.

          My name is Michel Açaf and I am the Board Games Manager at SuperHeated Neurons.
          Everyone used to buy Catan from outside Lebanon. However, as of last week, it can be purchased at: as we brought the exclusive franchise to Lebanon.

          With a few clicks, you can have your Catan delivered to your doorstep with no delivery charges.


          1. TK says:

            Thanks Michel for letting us know. And it’s great that it’s now available here. I hope you also get the expansions too!

            1. Michel Açaf says:

              Expansions and Variants of the game will be arriving soon also. We will be holding Catan tournaments and many more activities. Since you are a fan of the game, I would like to invite you to like our FB page: Catan-Lebanon, and so you will not miss any of our news.

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