We Chill on Sundays


Earlier today, when we made plans with our friends to have lunch at Oliver’s Kitchen and Coffee Shop, I had no idea that we would spend a good chunk of the afternoon playing Scrabble and trying to one-up each other with a vast vocabulary and some strategy.

But while we were waiting for the group to arrive, Ahmad spotted the board game lying there, and knowing how much I love Scrabble and that the guys are huge fans of board games, suggested we play a round or two. So we did.

Growing up, it’s easy to forget that board games can be utterly entertaining and a great way to bring people together. I was astounded to learn of the variety of games one can play, so no matter what your interests are, you can always find something to do. Or just play the classics like Monopoly.

Sadly, I didn’t come in first as I expected- second will have to do for now until I practice some more.

It seemed to me that despite feeling down about what’s going in the world, today was a chill kind of day. Even the radio stations seemed to agree, choosing to play Drake’s Hotline Bling on what seemed like an infinite loop. I swear, every time I’d change the channel, we would find it. Naturally, it is now stuck in my head- and oh those dance moves. Thank you Drake for making my dancing seem not-that-bad!

I can’t believe it took me so long to watch what the world talked about for weeks on end. If you have not yet seen it, there you go:

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