A Pop Of Color

I didn’t see my bouquet until the day of the wedding- which to any bride is panic-inducing and a cause for many sleepless nights. But I had complete trust in my florist and what he had in mind for the big day. Of course, I didn’t leave it all up to him- lest there be an ultimate catastrophe.

As with all of our vendors, I had a set of clear guidelines and in this case I only asked for three things:

  1. To include tulips somehow. Tulips are my favorite flowers and their inclusion was meant to honor the time I spent studying in the Netherlands, incorporating something personal into something so prominent.
  2. To not go the traditional route and include white roses. I also don’t like white roses.
  3. To take into consideration that I had picked a funky color for my shoes and since they were going to be hidden under the massive gown, to make the color pop out in the bouquet.

I have to say, when he sent me a picture hours before the event, I got really excited. He beautifully combined the pink tulips with a dark purple freesia for that true pop of color.And he wrapped it all with a similar matching purple ribbon.It also smelled really good. But they never tell you though that bridal bouquets are actually very heavy to carry around.


Going over the wedding pictures, which we finally got yesterday, I was highly impressed that the flowers contrasted with the white background that was my gown. I wish the shoes would have shown but that’s okay, I knew it wouldn’t happen anyway.

Speaking of the wedding, it’s a great story to tell that all our invitees woke up the next day with aches in their feet while I got into even higher heels  the next day and barely complained. Those were very comfortable platform heels so I got to dance the night away, they looked pretty, and they were unique.

PS: Our friends Lamis and Alain are here, playing Monopoly Deal- and she would kill me if I didn’t give them a shout out. So hello guys! And Alain, please stop winning!


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