Tonight, our hearts and prayers go out to the families of the tens of victims and the hundreds injured of the dual explosion that shook Burj el Barajneh, a densely populated area of the capital city.

There are no words to express sorrow and disappointment in this country, for allowing this to happen once again, for allowing innocent people, going about their daily lives, to fall victim to this senseless crime.

Photo from The Daily Star

There is nothing left to say, because nothing we can say tonight will be effective if we do not set aside our differences and think of our country and its people first. It is pointless to go over the what ifs and whys at such a time, and it is shameful to read comments whose writers have clearly been stripped of their humanity. This is not the time for speculation. This is the time for mourning.

How many times do we have to live through this? All those lives that have been lost seem to have gone in vain. Because we talk about these explosions for a week or so, then we pick up the pieces and go on with our lives like nothing happened.

We cannot let this happen anymore.

Tonight, my heart is broken over Lebanon, over its people, over the hatred and tragedy that has led us here. I know we deserve better than this. I know the people who just wanted to spend time with their families and loved ones, some in their own homes, their shelters, deserve better than this.


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