Tiny Touches

We really tried to make our wedding as personal as possible, incorporating the things we love into the menu, the playlist, the decor and pretty much everywhere we could. And I would say we were really successful at doing that because everyone commented how much the wedding reflected our personalities.

I didn’t think, though, that my own husband would have something hiding up his sleeve, almost literally.

His cuff-links were made to match the front cover of our wedding invitations, same design and lettering and all. They were hidden from sight for the whole of the wedding, but later on in the night, it was a surprise for me to see.

And I totally shrieked in happiness.


As I wrote previously, those wedding invitations were very central to our whole theme, so to see elements from it being used elsewhere in the event made me love the design more than I already did. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t a huge fan of the monograms that we see featured at almost every wedding, but this design won me over.

I love that we have something this symbolic to keep from our wedding. Even if the occasion to wear them again doesn’t come up, they are definitely something that can stay in our family, something we can look back on and really remember how far we have come along.


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