Take Me Back

On increasingly difficult days like today, I like to look at old pictures and disconnect. I like to allow myself to re-live some great moments just by looking at all the snaps that live on my phone.

I mean isn’t it awesome that I get to carry around pictures of our wedding and honeymoon with such ease and no back to them whenever I want?

I think it’s pretty fantastic that I’m deep into work, but a quick glance at my phone means that I can recall that day we navigated a good length of the Tiergarten in Berlin as we tried to find the site of the German Reunification celebrations.

We walked and walked and walked along with hundreds of people for a chance to dance in the street and have delicious street food. And even though I mostly complained about the road looking the same and not knowing where we were going, there is nothing like walking in the park on a cloudless Autumn day. Just the sound of the leaves crunching is enough to make it a great experience.


I can’t believe it’s already been a month since them- but at least we have the pictures to remind us.

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