Another Roadtrip: Bnachii


Most of our good ideas come about because we see something on the Internet that catches our interest and compels us to do it. Today’s trip to Bnachii in Zgharta, North Lebanon was no exception.

For the past two weeks, Ahmad has been telling me that he saw a picture of the place, known for its lake, online, and he really wanted for us to go there to just get a change of scenery. We finally got a chance to do this today because the weather was surprisingly nice for the first day of November.


To make things more interesting, we decided to gather up a group of friend instead of going there alone so we ended up being six people split in two cars. This proved to be the right thing to do as it was a lot of fun. Singing along to Salsa Tequila and Africa never gets boring when we’re alone, but when there’s company it’s even more entertaining.

The road is a long one and can get confusing at points, especially toward the end, but it’s totally worth the trip even if you might find there’s not much to do other than have lunch and take a boat cruise around the lake. The food alone should be encouraging but being so far from Beirut is always a plus point in taking these road trips.


One of the things you must have in Zgharta is the kebbe. The minced meat-based dish mixed with borghol is a staple of the Lebanese cuisine, being our national dish and all, but up there, it’s made in a signature way. It is shaped into a huge sphere and stuffed with some more of the mixture and if you dare, you can ask for it to include lard and fat as it is made. I’m told it comes out glistening.

Breaking into is definitely exciting.


Though we spent more time on the road than we did on exploring, I truly felt that this is what Sundays are for: sharing a delicious meal with some great company in a beautiful location.

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