The Wrong Idea


When someone comes up to you and asks you how marriage feels and you answer that it has been great so far, you would expect them to say something nice or stick to a formality just to get the conversation going.

You would not expect them to reply that you’re only feeling that way because you’re in a “honeymoon” state still and that feeling will change once you’ve done this for a couple of months.

I mean why ask me if you have a predetermined idea of how things go about, an idea that’s based on the most idiotic stereotypes that society has to offer?


Why must we believe that martial happiness is fleeting and that once you have been married for a certain while, you settle into this life of coexisting together. But you’re not happy.

This idea is so prevalent it’s become part of our jokes and everything you hear about marriage.

And that is not very encouraging for anyone thinking about getting married or a newlywed. We become so used to hearing that everything is so difficult and bickering will go on and on, with the woman trying to control her husband while he expects her to do all the chores.

So that becomes everything we know and slowly creeps in on our relationships.

Maybe I’m just too much of an idealist or maybe it is the newlywed effect, but I do think that you can be happily married beyond that first period. You just have to want it and work on sustaining it instead of giving into common thought.

Or maybe everyone else is right and I’m the one who cannot handle even the most innocent comment anymore.

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