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Put a guestbook in front of me, and I’m likely to write a long heartfelt message because I like to believe people will look back at them and at least enjoy someone put some effort into this.

So the idea of the guestbook at our own wedding was one that I knew I wanted from the get-go. I just didn’t know how to implement it knowing that not everyone like me. If someone sees a massive book in front them with an empty page, they’re less likely to write something down because who wants to spend a wedding writing?

At this point, we had already decided that our wedding would have a musical theme, and we had already gotten our “vinyl” CDs ready to be sent along with our invitations.

That’s when it hit us: why not have people sign actual vinyls that we could later frame and display in our home as a reminder of the wedding?


I can’t tell you how much we loved that idea. We spent a lot of time just talking about it over and over before realizing we had no clue where we could get the actual vinyls or frame them. Thankfully though, asking around pointed us in the direction of Souk El Ahad- you can find my thoughts on the experience here. Finding our favorite albums was definitely an added bonus. Later, the framing also proved easy as my mother took care of this. I swear the woman knows where everything is in this country.

At the wedding itself, we had a nice table and chairs set up so people could sit and write on the three displayed records and the metallic colored markers after they were finished with greeting our parents and getting their table assignment.

I have to say, I was truly touched by the messages that people left us. Our friends and family all went down the personal route, sharing inside jokes, old nicknames, fun moments and anecdotes that we no doubt want to remember. It just completely went along with the small-wedding feeling we were aiming to create.

I don’t think that when we finally hang them up, I’ll get tired of looking at them. It’s just one of those things that is capable of transporting you to another time and place- to the happy moments, to seeing your hard work pay off.


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  1. such a great idea! It is nice to hear about all the details that made it your very own style of wedding.

    1. TK says:

      I’m hoping to write more about all those details, they truly made our wedding what it was and allowed us to incorporate elements of our personalities and favorites.

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