Katb Kteb Souvenirs


It’s a tradition in our culture to hand out a box with a trinket and some dragees to those in attendance. It’s just something to mark the occasion but often (much like the weddings) people will go to lengths to make it as fancy and as decorated as possible.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many boxes we have collected have been either a crystal bowl or a crystal display item you can barely use. And of course, as the feature item increases in size, the box gets bigger, making it harder to carry from where the katb kteb is happening to your house, then later displaying it.

With that in mind, when it came time for us to pick out our boxes, we wanted something that maintained the formality of the event but still reflected our views and personality. We wanted to make it personal even if that’s not the goal of these things.


Our box was wrapped in a pretty gold bow (to reflect the color used in our wedding invitation) with a pearl attached. Inside, the feature item was a small photo frame with pearls encircling it. The frame is highly significant to us because we’re that couple who is always taking pictures and looking for ways to cherish and display them.

While people could easily put in whatever picture they want, we chose to include our names and the date of the katb kteb instead of putting them on a sticker on the outside of the box. The whole souvenir was completed by a net containing the candies in the same color of the ribbons.

Honestly speaking, I didn’t give much input into the design of these boxes and that’s because I had complete faith in the people that put them together, a specialized shop in the Jnah area called Blessing. I only picked out the frame, stated that I didn’t want people to take home a massive box, and approved everything once they came together.

And we were not disappointed at all since they turned out exactly like we would have if we had dictated every single detail. Sometimes it is just best to leave things up to the professionals especially when you don’t want to mess with tradition.


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