You’re My Wonderwall


In the early days of our relationship, it seemed that everywhere we went we would hear the song that everyone knows Oasis by, Wonderwall. It wasn’t one of my favorites but I had always enjoyed listening to it.

Eventually though, it became our song. We’d play it in the car on long road trips, text the lyrics to one another sometimes, and somehow always find a way to reference a time or place where we heard the song.

While we were getting our wedding together, Ahmad found a brilliant version of the song by Paul Anka. I still don’t know how he came across it but I do know that my exact words when he first made me hear it were “This is going to be our first dance.” I mean, as cool as Oasis’ version is, it’s not something you can really dance to. It isn’t the most romantic nor is Liam Gallagher’s voice the most comforting. Plus that guitar strumming can get annoying.

Paul Anka, on the other hand, takes the song and turns it into a jazz standard. You can twist and turn and sway with so much ease, while the song still maintains the emotions conveyed in the original. It’s also different from what we’re used to seeing for first dances: slow tracks that keep the same rhythm throughout with super cheesy lyrics.

It was an obvious choice for us, and as you can see, the smile on my face says it all- the rest of the pictures also show me singing along while attempting to dance.


I say attempting because we didn’t even get a chance to practice before the wedding. It remains the only thing on my wedding to-list that I can’t check off. We only had a few minutes prior to our entrances to just grasp the melody.

But did it matter when we were up there, everyone looking at us? I would say not at all. Because during that moment, we were having the time of our lives. I’m sure I messed up all my steps, but that was the most fun I had.

Here’s the version of the song for your enjoyment.


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