The Right Venue


There is no shortage of places where you can hold your wedding in Lebanon- and that’s coming from someone who didn’t even consider (let alone take a look at) the indoor options. Wherever your heart desires, you can throw your wedding and you can transform the space whichever way you like.

When we decided on our wedding date, the first step of the planning was finding the right venue for us. I was dead-set on having an outdoor wedding even it meant risking rain at the end of the September. The search was difficult because I would either dislike the space, find it not fitting our budget, or could simply not get along with the venue representative. How I am supposed to choose if the person selling me the space can’t convince me of its merits?

Then ALDEA came along and it completely charmed us. The moment we parked our car and entered the venue, we knew it was the right place for us. The venue is naturally beautiful and the very first thing I noticed was that it did not require a lot of decoration or flowers to enhance it. With some lighting and the right set up, it would match our vision.

The welcome drink area with the guestbook set-up

Call it instinct but I just got that warm fuzzy feeling that I was happy being there. I would later get that same feeling every single time we visited which only confirmed that we had made the right decision.

There were plenty of reasons why we chose the place over everything else we saw (and trust me, we saw a lot) so here are the highlights:

  • We were offered a comprehensive package that was well within our budget. The deal that we struck up included venue rental, facility management, sound and light including the DJ, day off coordination, and most importantly, the food! All we needed to bring in was a florist and the photographer which was fantastic given that we had limited time to look. We didn’t have to worry about anything, honestly.
  •  ALDEA is located in Ain Saade, up in the mountains, and overlooks the city of Beirut without any obstructions. It’s not easy to get to because it’s tucked away in the hills and we heard plenty of complaints from our guests who got lost or confused. This was my same reaction we visited the first time, but much like our guests, once I saw the view, I forgot all about the journey.

    Our first look moment
  • The flexibility of the space was the ultimate selling point. How often have you been to weddings were everything is restricted to a tiny hotel ballroom or piece of land where the dinner tables, the buffet, the dance floor, and the entrance of the couple are all crammed in the same space? People can barely move around and interact with one another and the buffet gets crowded so fast. But with ALDEA we had several areas to work with, and each was allocated a purpose. We would get our guests to move from one place to another seamlessly from the moment they entered for the welcome drink until they had to leave.

    We lead our guests from the dinner area to the dance floor. I clearly cannot wait to get the party started
  • I fell in love with the canopied area which sits at the highest level of the venue and gives the greatest view of the city. It also overlooks the lower part which we transformed into our dance-floor area with couches so people could rest. We loved this dynamic because our elderly guests could still feel part of the celebration while remaining in their seats. On the side, we asked our caterer to set up the buffet. People only had to interact with that space when food was served. This turned out to be one of the best decisions we made. Everywhere we looked during the wedding, people were moving around, having a great time, their movement unrestricted, huge smiles on their faces.

    We left some space in the middle of the dinner area so we could exchange rings and have our first dance
  • Throughout the course of this blog, I have commented about wedding service providers an the importance of maintaining professionalism. I am happy to say that the team at ALDEA, with Zahi at the helm, were a great example of that. They answered our every question, dealt with our every concern, bounced back effortlessly when our schedule changed , and were just so courteous and lovely. We couldn’t have worked with anyone better.

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  1. Anahid yacoubian says:

    Hi dear! Can i knw how much they charged u for the venue? im currently looking for venues and honestly im about to cancel the celebration given all the ripping off that is currently happening once you just spell out the word “wedding” :s

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