Settling In


I know people who, after coming back from their trip, will leave their suitcases lying in the middle of their home for a few days, completely refusing to unpack. I mean, I understand why they do this: unpacking is the ultimate sign that the vacation is over and normalcy has been restored. We all want our holidays to be prolonged just a bit more and if that’s the way to do it, then why not?

Then you have people like me (and my husband) who get in at odd hours of the morning yet refuse to sleep before the bag’s been unpacked and the laundry’s been sorted. As much as I love life on vacation, and as much as I did not want the honeymoon to end and normal scheduling to be restored, I don’t see the point of living out of my suitcase any longer.


As I wrote yesterday, I have my own anxieties about settling into my new home. But approaching the issues head-on, like we’ve been doing since we started this whole crazy ride, has been the way to go.

When I have to unpack, figure out how my washing machine works (which I did after a phone call to my mother), stock up the fridge and pantry on an empty stomach, and figure out where everything goes, it’s the best way to tell myself, hey this is home. 

But at least these things are out of the way now. I know this will not be an overnight process but things are fully functional and ready to go!

And the best part? As Ahmad puts it, he doesn’t have to drop me off at home at the end of the night after we’ve hung out and done what needed to be done. This house that we’ve visited so many times in the past, well those visits are no longer temporary. If that’s not a reason to feel settled in, I don’t know what is.

(Side note: it also feels incredible to be typing on a full fledged keyboard after being solely restricted to my phone for the past few days.)


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