How Far We Have Come

It started with a simple message online. Neither one was desperate, we were just in need of company. Two and a half years later, we’re married.

The back and forth messages, the first meeting face-to-face, all the dates that followed, announcing to everyone that we were together…

The proposal, the parents meeting, the engagement party, buying our apartment, spending all our weekends putting our house together…

Finding our venue, brainstorming all the tiny details, meeting with the vendors, involving our friends and family, planning our honeymoon…

And here we are, two and a half years later. We have come so far.


In the meantime, we’ve grown so much and become better people.

I know my whole perspective on love, relationships, and marriage changed in this short period of time. I went from being a serial dater who never saw herself with someone on the long run (because I was scared of comitting), to being absolutely secure in the knowledge that I have someone to love and care for no matter what.

Sure I am scared and I have some fears but they are nothing like before. I guess I am more afraid now of how to keep this happiness and allow it to increase rather than I am of future events.

Ahmad and I like to celebrate being together every six months. It is a chance for us to go out and have a nice, fancy steak dinner, all dressed up and feeling happy. Over our meal, we like to talk about how things have been lately and what is yet to come.

Tonight, we celebrated as such, and it has been the best: it is our first one as a married couple and it coincided with our honeymoon. Not only was the food excellent, but looking forward was too.

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