Primark, Revisited

As a graduate student in the city of Maastricht, we used to travel 30 minutes by train to shop at Primark, the English low-cost clothing store that Europe absolutely loves.

In exchange for cheap clothes suitable for our budgets, we would go through the ritual of Primark shopping: turning down temptations at every corner, yet stuffing our bags with stuff because they’re only ten Euros, the infinite waiting line at the dressing room then at the cashier, and the walk of shame.


In Berlin, Primark happens to be fairly close to the hotel we are staying at, so naturally our trip would be incomplete without visiting it. I quickly found out that nothing has changed since our trips to Liege, except that the store is much bigger and messier.

Before I move on, two things I need to point out: 1. There have been far more interesting things we have done in Berlin but I am waiting until Ahmad gives me his pictures to do the topics justice so those are on the way and 2. My husband absolutely loves shopping. In the time we have been together, he has been the one to motivate me to buy things, not the other way around.

It was therefore a surprise for me to see him completely fazed out- I guess the three floors and the never ending racks of untidy clothes got to him.


Also, if you want to find the most international crowd in Berlin, forget about the Bradenburg Gate or any of the sights or nightclubs, just go to Primark. Every language is spoken there- at loud voices of course, so everyone can hear one another.

All of this for cheap clothes!

Now I admit they have some really nice items and when you have a specific budget and don’t want to go overboard, it can fill in that nice gap. I would love to have something like Primark at my disposal for my work clothes (which I don’t need to be ultra fancy) while I could save some money to buy better quality things for my going out and what not.

What I don’t understand is why people need to go batshit insane over it, throwing clothes on the floor, waiting for hours on line, buying everything they find in sight.

It’s just a store after all, a store that I’m afraid has scarred my husband for quite some time. Sorry sweetheart.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anna says:

    This is great !

  2. Aline says:

    petition to have primark open in lebanon 😦 love that place!!

    1. TK says:

      Me too, though if it opens, I think Ahmad will not be very happy as I’ll probably be spending a lot of time there!

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