On the Verge of Something Wonderful


People have been telling me that I will get to my honeymoon exhausted, having used up all of my energy to plan the wedding and ensure that the house is just the way we want it. They’ve also said that because I kept working until a week before my wedding date.

But what’s one girl to do?

I hoped that having started my planning process as early as seven months ahead, it would be enough. I hoped that moving my things every single weekend would mean that I wouldn’t leave anything behind at my parents’ house and that the new place would feel like home.

With today ending, this is it, khalas, we’re in the final stretch.


Tomorrow is our katb kteb! We’ll be officially man and wife by this time tomorrow- a feeling we are both very excited about but also cannot discount the importance of the moment!

And what’s left to do for the wedding anyway?

I don’t think there’s anything much. The schedule has been set, the menu has been finalized, the songs have been chosen, and the dress has been fit. Maybe I still have to edit my place cards due to some last minute seating arrangements but what the hell, how hard can that be?

I don’t think it can be any harder than having a meeting at our venue with the electricity off while trying to point out to venue manager where everything should go in the dark! Or months of listening to opinions from anyone and everyone. Or the pressure I’ve put myself under to just have a good time only to be told that the wedding will pass in a blink of an eye.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned though throughout this process, is that the end result is what matters the most.

It’s holding my future husband’s hand and looking into his eyes as he tells me he couldn’t be happier going forward, how he sees our future shaping up, how much his life has changed since he’s met and been with me.

I echo his sentiments, with happy tears in my eyes. This is our something wonderful and it starts tomorrow.


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  1. Good luck for your future together. You both deserve a wonderfull life.

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