On Dress Fitting

Seeing your wedding dress on you months after you picked it out is a strange feeling. Seeing it actually fit you, hugging your curves in all the right places and completely closed up is an even stranger feeling.

I can’t put my finger on this to be able to describe it but I’ll tell you that weirdly enough, I’m not jumping for joy.

My other big occasion favorite dress

Not that this isn’t the right dress for me-  it is. I tried on about 20 gowns before coming back to the very first one, this one. So that’s a selling point. In addition to its elaborate work which set it apart from all the gowns.

Maybe it’s the fact that I hadn’t seen it in so long. Maybe it’s the fact that I was trying it on with barely any makeup on my face and my hair in its usual state of untidiness so no matter how beautiful the gown is, I can’t get the full experience.

Still, to see it hanging there, fully dry cleaned and the veil just the way I want to be made the whole thing sink in. In a matter of days, I’ll wear this dress and I’ll dance in it and hopefully it will be the best night of our lives. And I’ll be in my beautiful gown.

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